Art and Soul

Tommy tucked his shoulder-length hair behind his ears as he surveyed the art festival.  Artists had booths arranged in a long, two-sided row, and attendees bustled between the booths, pointing out works they liked.  Many of the attendees were carrying water or some other drink on account of the heat, but some had food as … Continue reading Art and Soul

Needs Denied

“Ser Miriam, could I have a moment of your time?” Miriam turned. Harold Chase stood behind her, impeccable as usual in a rich brown linen suit. His gaze was calm. “Of course, Ser Harold. Um.” Miriam looked around for an empty conference room. “How about there?” she said, gesturing toward a large one. “That would … Continue reading Needs Denied

Special Needs

“Well, honestly, Ser Miriam.  I don’t know know what you expect me to do with this list,” said the gum-smacking, hair-twirling secretary of Ser Harold Chase.  Her fingers didn’t stop moving on the computer keyboard as she spoke. Miriam rolled her eyes and slightly shook the disk she was holding out.  “I expect you to … Continue reading Special Needs

Spiral’s End

“Is this what it is to be a Lothario?” we/Paul asked. Always the least compassionate of us, Paul was in awe of this man’s brusque-but-charming manner that kept him surrounded with hangers-on. “I do my best at it, yeah,” our maker Ryan Budden admitted. Ten minutes ago, Ryan had come out of the bathroom with … Continue reading Spiral’s End

Reshaping the Landscape

Patricia Smith — SMT-PTR-141 — clambered up the hill, kicking up a shower of rocks and dirt behind her.  The Metas were right behind her, “transforming the landscape”.  Her damn landscape.  The sun beat down over her skin, raising beads of sweat. Their methodical, mechanical steps behind her matched her deep breaths as she ran.  … Continue reading Reshaping the Landscape