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Hit me up at averymd at irrsinn-to-the-net. Got an issue with one of the apps I’ve developed? Try logging an issue on FogBugz for me.



I’m a web developer, a writer, a music-lover, and an avid reader. I’m terminally curious and always learning.

I probably want to meet and know you. Poke around, drop me a comment anywhere here or the social sites, “friend” me, email me.


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Recent Posts

A New Granny Squares Design Incoming

So... not to put too much pressure on my designer, but I've actually hired someone to do a design for Granny Squares! [caption id="attachment_6118" align="alignright" width="200"] The site as of July 2014.[/caption] Its current look was always intended to be revamped down the road -- I just needed something simple and ...

The PT Appointment Is Made

They're weaning me off the hydrocodone and onto Ultram (at a much higher dosage than I had pre-surgery, thankfully), and have mandated that by the end of week 8, I should be out of the sling as much as possible. That transitioning process is going to be handled by my physical ...

Feeling Better… With Holes in My Shoulder

I had two nurse-like people give me sets of directions for post-op care. Greg made sure to take notes when he didn't think the packets had enough detail, which was quite nice of him, as was him agreeing to stay with me for a few days while I got my ...