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Hit me up at averymd at irrsinn-to-the-net. Got an issue with one of the apps I’ve developed? Try logging an issue on FogBugz for me.



I’m a web developer, a writer, a music-lover, and an avid reader. I’m terminally curious and always learning.

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Good reads

50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice - The Chronicle of Higher Education "What concerns me is that the bias against the passive is being retailed by a pair of authors so grammatically clueless that they don't know what is a passive construction and what isn't. Of the four pairs of ...

I swam!

It's also, pleasantly enough, the easiest on a weak shoulder. So Wednesday night, after that decision was made in PT, I swam. It was 21:00 and the pool was deserted and beautiful. The water was a little chilly, but I warmed quickly enough. I swam laps for just 20 minutes, ...

Moar PT

I just got the two strength exercises (the isometric ones above) yesterday, and I'm already getting better at them. Kinda cool. I tend to think of strength gains as happening over a matter of days, but obviously I'm not being as hard on my widdle shoulder muscles as weightlifting would ...