Introductory Notes

Unless noted, any script written by me can be freely distributed and modified. I’m not too keen on providing support for these—so these are provided “as is”—but if you have questions or suggestions, contact me.


  • A New Home for Children: Player Presentation: The introduction to the “A New Home for Children” campaign.
  • Calculus I Project–Curve Fitting (pdf): In Calc I at Rose-Hulman, my section of the course was asked to do a curve-fitting project, where we used second and third derivatives to make curves that fit like wine glasses or like circles at the bottoms of wine glasses. I also have a PDF of the Maple sheet my partner and I created.
  • Computer Architecture I Project, Final Report (pdf): In this course, we designed and modeled a small instruction set for a multi-purpose processor. This is the final report of those endeavors.
  • Critters in a Box: This was a two-week, two person project for an Artificial Intelligence course taken in the fall of 2005. We attempted to model how small rodents might live if placed in a box with certain items dropped in by an omnipotent user. …Yes, it’s kind of silly, but it was fun to make.

Networking Scripts

ASP Scripts

Way, way, way old, and hopefully more than useless. In fact, I’m not even sure you can get BlogWorks anywhere anymore.

  • Migrate BlogWorks XML Comments to WordPress: This little ASP script will migrate your BlogWorks XML comments into WordPress. Trackbacks are disregarded, unfortunately, in part due to the fact that I didn’t have enough for them to be worth saving, and in part because I didn’t have the patience to attempt to pick apart the different types of “incoming” and treat each differently. To use this, extract the ASP file from the zip file and open it. At the top of the file you’ll find directions on what needs to be variables need to be set for individual installations; basically, if you’ve managed to stay hosted at an ASP provider and install WordPress, you should probably be okay. Further information about the circumstances surrounding the creation of this script.
  • Remove extraneous paragraph markings in migrated BlogWorks entries: Using BlogWorks XML in conjunction with w.bloggar led to the presence of doubled opening and closing paragraph marks, as well as paragraph marks around lists. This script executes a series of SQL statements that cleans these up in a WordPress installation. Directions for use are like the Comment Migrator, and are included in the ASP file. Further infomation on the circumstances surrounding the creation of this script.