Perhaps Introductions are Necessary?

I decided to start a little “blog” of my own, after reading the overly dramatic crud my buddy Micah posts at Although my life isn’t nearly so interesting as his (or those of his friends), I would still like to chronicle what goes on in the day-to-day life of a nerd, namely yours truly.

I suppose I should first lay out who my friends/acquaintances are, and their relationships to me. Not at all an easy task, given that I am not a very social person and find myself easily capable of spending weeks with no contact with anyone, alone with my books, thoughts, music, and computer. And yet there are still a few folks I don’t mind talking to, and even consider friends.

Michael: Probably my closest bud at this time; I can’t really talk to him, but I can chat with him about website-related stuff, a major past-time of mine and his.
Jenny: Michael’s girlfriend; she smart and popular, a rare mix at Harding H.S. Anything I tell Michael goes straight through one ear and into hers, and vice versa. I would never express an opinion about one to the other at this point–I learned my lesson when I called Jenny “squeaky”.
Micah: A gay buddy of mine that used to attend Harding; Il est mon ami jumeau (twin friend). He’s overly dramatic, annoying as hell about 66% of the time, and highly entertaining. He’s into musical theater at Northwest now.
Eddie: A former boyfriend turned almost-confidant; I still don’t know if he’s bi or straight, and I can’t bring myself to care too much. We spend little time together, which is good, because it makes what time we do spend together better in that we don’t fight (too much) and I don’t get to see all the little things I dislike about him. I would consider him a friend.
David: A disturbed boy from (multiple) disturbed homes. I place him here because he’s a good acquaintance that makes me laugh (at length) and I amy end up talking about him at some point.
M. K.: M.K.’s just a shortened nickname, as what I call him is his mother’s last name, and it’s not nice to post that sort of stuff on the Internet, ya know. He’s a superficially arrogant, not-so-bad-looking dude that I used to consider a friend, until I realized that I can barely stand to listen to him talk at all. It’s “all M.K., all the time” with him, and I find myself with less and less to say to him.
Dulin: My one buddy that doesn’t annoy me (I think). He’s been my friend since freshman year, and although we don’t have deep or even personal discussions, I can trust him to be my buddy through all sorts of weird stuff (like very public, annoying, and embarrassing boyfriends/girlfriends).
Nathan: A strange guitar-playing acquaintance; for a brief period of time, I almost considered him a friend, but then the night of revelations ended and I was faced with the familiar, curly-haired, arrogant, manic-depressive (IMO), offensive-as-hell guy I have always generally avoided or talked to in short spurts. Very short spurts.

I am a senior at Harding University High School in the International Baccalaureatte program and am interested in pursuing a career in either web design/development, coputer programming (in Java), or book editing (as in for a publisher like Baen Books). I spend lots of time reading, even more time working on my websites, and a fair amount of time reading USENET groups, that entity that not enough people know about anymore and that promotes discussions of topics about everything from religion to computer hardware to books, movies, and music.

I think this is a good first post. Now I’m off to work (I sling popcorn for a living–for now).