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Goofy, giggle-inducing meme

Your Sexual Flavor Is Vanilla

Sweet, simple, uncomplicated

You go with the flow, and go well with any lover.
You’re not a prudish lover but an adaptable one.
A blank canvas, you’re willing to be painted with any kink.
As long as it’s washed down with some sweet whipped cream.

Secret talent: Pole dancing

What’s Your Sexual Flavor?
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Can words describe?

Anyone who has interacted with me in person for more than about thirty seconds since this weekend has found me short tempered, loud, perhaps excessively vulgar (by even my standards), manic, stonily silent, or fighting tears, sometimes all within a very short span of time.

I was dealt a blow this weekend that hurt, and I’m finding myself at a loss for a way to recover from it. I keep telling myself that time and sleep will help, as will my on-going dialogue with Dulin–and I know those things will–but then I find myself staring off into space and pondering things I don’t want to ponder in shameful agony, only to “wake up” and realize that I haven’t eaten in too long and haven’t run or slept in even longer and that I forgot about this or that assignment due in a handful of hours.

I know I’m putting up a shell to those around me. I’m feeling ultra-protective of myself, and when I’m not retreating and playing walking-dead, I’m lashing out at anyone in range. I stood and vindictively picked on Luke for a good five minutes longer than I needed to this afternoon, particularly given the work I needed to do.

There’s something comforting about the distance and closeness of long e-mails with a close friend seven hundred (?) miles away that I’m clinging to, right now. Here, but not here.

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Random ten.

Just a random experiment, prompted by a wonderful music experience this morning (my first hearing of the [fucking awesome group Jurassic 5): I had Windows Media Player randomize my entire music collection (3214 songs; 16.02 GB) and figured I’d see what the first ten were.

  1. Busta Rhymes, “Pass the Courvoisier (Part 1)”, Genesis
  • One Minute Silence, “Rise and Shine”, Buy Now… Saved Later
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