The Before the Future Came podcast art: a painting from NASA of space colony consisting of a massive tunnel of pasture and rivers, overlaid with the title of the podcast.
On Life and Love

I’m in a New Podcast: Before the Future Came

Sooooo, how do you feel about Star Trek?

Because I love Star Trek. It has strong visions of what society could be and takes some big swings to try to show those visions as achievable. Sometimes those swings land, and other times they miss in interesting ways. Its vision(s) of utopia are fun to crack open and look at, so I’m co-hosting a podcast to do so!

Before the Future Came is a podcast hosted by Lucy Arnold, Gregory Avery-Weir, and yours truly that is not quite yet about Star Trek. Until the SAG-AFTRA strike is over1, we are turning our brains to examining utopias in science fiction books, comics, non-struck visual media, etc. Our approach is queer, (prison/police) abolitionist, anticapitalist, and socialist, and we will examine the works through those lenses (among others). Each ep’s work will be thematically linked to the previous selection in some way.

S00E02 – Where does Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot sit amongst other survival literature?

You don’t need to read the books or watch the media with us to enjoy the podcast. You also don’t need to be a huge fan of particular sci-fi works or Star Trek. You just need to want to hear some folks analyze and geek about some (usually) good sci-fi media.

We have two eps out now! The first is on Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti, and the second (out Oct 3!) is on Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot. All eps will be transcribed.

You can subscribe in so many places: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts, PocketCasts, good ol’ RSS, or by searching in your podcatcher of choice.

We are also on cohost, Instagram, and TikTok.

Come listen to my shit.

  1. SAG-AFTRA has asked podcasters to not promote struck work, and we totally respect that.