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    Network Routing and Automation Fun with pfsense, Wireguard, and Tasker

    Last year, I asked about some very specific home network routing ideas over on reddit, with the goal being to securely access home network resources from my phone while away from home while maintaining some coverage from my 3rd party VPN provider, Mullvad. The faster and more automated any network switcheroos are, the better. This post is… very long. Here’s a table of contents in case you only care about parts of it: Reqs and Specs Prerequisites Wireguard In, Wireguard Out Basic Interface Structure Mullvad Wireguard Tunnels Gateway Group Interface Group Firewall (Routing) Test! At-home Mullvad Wireguard on Android Tasker Open Issues Detecting Wifi Disconnection in Tasker pfsense/Mullvad Instability What’s…

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    Links! September 13th

    Some good reading: "3-Sweep" Software Can Extract 3D Objects Out of a Single Photo | Popular Photography This is incredible. Tone policing: a tool for protecting male power | Geek Feminism Blog "If you still need evidence that there’s a double standard, there it is. I think what’s happening here is that whatever men do gets defined as being effective, by definition, because they are men. It’s a little bit like how women frequently get describe as “emotional”, but this (often pejorative) label is rarely applied to men who are raging out, because apparently anger isn’t an emotion." Programming Comedy – Wat – YouTube This is how a colleague of…

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    Flaky Friday (F)Links

    I’m now fully in the flaky phase of the tattoo process, and am losing large black/grey flakes at a pleasantly quick rate. It’s really, really hard not to encourage the process, though, especially when (squick alert!) attached flakes are catching on my shirt at work. Grody! Sleeping has been rough since Saturday. When it was all raw and fresh, it just (ha!) hurt badly. Once it dried out, it hurt to do anything that stretched the skin, like lie on my stomach. Or lie on my side. Or relax my shoulder. The winning solution for sleep so far is to use a small pillow under the front of my tattoo’d…

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    Weekly Linkage: With a Bit of Politics

    This week’s internet cruising: EJ Flavors – Cupid’s Hunt 2012 – Lost And Found: The Lost – An excellent Valentine's Day mix by EJ Flavors. Yeah, I know it's barely even February anymore, but Angela Bofill's "I Try" puts chills up my spine whenever I hear it. Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End – NYTimes.com – I'm totally going to want to be an early adopter of these. If they seem promising, it'd be worth switching to contact lenses for. World population statistics – I always like these types of infographics. ^_^ Slavery By Another Name – I heard this on my local NPR station the other…

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    Weekly Linkage

    This week’s internet cruising: The Perry Bible Fellowship: Game System – Not a console system I want to take up, thanks. Doctors are human | The Incidental Economist – Any time an article about scientific research includes the statement, “Let’s ignore the ethical implications of this for a moment and marvel in scientific wonder,” you know you’re reading something good. Ultra-strange encounter with a client at the supermarket – I always worried about running into certain clients in my personal errands for just this reason. And last but certainly not least: “My Fingers Stopped Working 3 Years Ago”.