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Full-on Sprain

So remember when I hurt my ankle the other Sunday? It stopped getting better and started getting worse.

Guess I shouldn’t have done those other two runs and the two yoga sessions that week.

Out of fear that I might have a small fracture situation, I went to urgent care yesterday. The initial read of the X-ray didn’t show a fracture, so we’re assuming it’s “just” a sprain at this point.

Ligaments are creepy.

Unfortunately, that means no running, no lower-body weight-lifting, no yoga for at least two weeks. Which is pants.

I’m in an aircast at the moment, and that feels so much better. It requires a bit of contortionism to keep my foot at waist-level at work, but I’m all about some pillows at home. Gives me more excuse to watch live Doom 2 and Borderlands 2 play/speedruns.

Terry, Vampire Chemist

Sunday, I’ll be in a new table-top Vampire: the Requiem game, run by Greg.


I’ve been wanting to play table-top Vamp for years now. Our characters are fresh up from “death” (meaning no XP), and will be starting from something like our first meeting with the powers that run the city.

The early-game premise is that we’ll be restricted to a single large apartment building, with no pre-established blood sources, etc.

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Lonely Games Are (Kinda) Less Fun

I’ve resumed playing Galactic Civilizations II (GalCiv II), which I haven’t played since the olden days when the mornings were light and the afternoons long.

Back in that long, long ago, I played on less-than-normal enemy intelligence and experimented with extending my reach through cultural influence and economic power. I read no manuals. I read no strategy guides. I micromanaged no economy.

Why bother? The enemies were dumber than a box of rocks. Just play like it’s Civ 4, and be done.

Returning to it, I (unsurprisingly) find myself wanting more challenge. I fired up an easy game and did a quick military conquest, my first. Not boring… exactly. But, erm.

Then I realized that despite it being a downloaded game, there’s a manual in the directory. And tutorials (in screencast style) within the game. Add an enticing strategy guide, and I’m really learning to play. I’m, like, messing with taxes and stuff.

Now that I’m actually learning the basics, I want to play against someone! Greg is, of course, my first pick for a lamb to slaughter—I mean, jovial and fun opponent. Then, I’m thinking Devin, a minor deity in the original StarCraft. (Does real-time strategy translate well to turn-based strategy? Actions per minute don’t really matter in turn-based, but the underlying strategies are certainly similar.)

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A New Home for Children: A Tri-Stat dX One-Shot

I had two hours to run a one-shot full of people who’ve never held dice outside of a Monopoly game. It started with the possibility of 7 players, but two had conflicts and one decided to just skip out.

For some ungodly reason—when I thought I had 7 players—I picked Tri-Stat dX as the roleplaying system. I started a campaign in it a few years ago, and the flexibility of the system appealed for a high-powered fantasy game, like I was trying to do here.

I wanted to play upon their interests in fashion, fame, and shiny things (and all the players were women), so I crafted a ladies-only party at the innocently-named Bright Eaves Home for Children. There were seven major players on the bad guys’ sides (including the owner of the orphanage) who were helping children disappear, likely through some people-eating or vampiric methods.

The players were hired by Sir Dante Hendrix to investigate the goings-on with the children over the course of the party.

The session starts with the players right inside the door, invitations accepted.
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