Ugh. Morning Already?

See above.

My whole day just started off like crap. Some background info: I have that problem in which if I can reach my alarm clock, I will turn it off seconds (literally) before it goes off and go back to sleep without ever fully waking up. So this morning my mother is knocking on my door, and says when I open it, “What time does your clock say?” Like, WTF?! Just tell me I overslept, don’t ask me what time my clock says. There are both electric and battery-powered clocks in the living room and her bedroom, and the likelihood of them all messing up is slim-to-friggin’-none.

So I wake up 20 minutes before my ride comes. I needed to wake up 2 hours before my ride came, because I hadn’t finished my homework due that day (yeah, I know, I’ve got that “spoda be” work ethic, a.k.a senioritis, IB-style). The only problem is (barring the homework), it takes 15 minutes for me to shower and dress (10 if I really rush), and an additional 10-15 minutes to do my hair. That adds up to more than 20 minutes, guys. I made it, although my hair looked like crap and I left some books at home I would have liked to take to lighten my load tomorrow. And I had no breakfast. Or lunch.

In resolution of my alarm-clock problem, which began at the beginning of this school year when I began flat-out sleeping through my alarm, causing me to have to take my mother’s alarm clock (which rises in volume each subsequent cycle through the “enh-enh” sounds), then placing the clock quite a distance from my bed, so I would have to get completely out of bed to turn it off, I am looking for a new place to set my clock (damn that was a long sentence). However, my room is about the size of a jail cell (really about 9′ by 11′ with few flat surfaces), and my bed juts into the center of the room. So there are few places I can’t reach from the bed. And if I put it in a far corner of the room, it’s possible I’ll kill myself en route given how messy my room tends to be (and with harmful things, like sharp books, hangars, and pencils, which are not fun to step on, although it would surely wake me up).