Être, ou ne pas être?

Yesterday in English class we had a discussion about existentialism and its relevance to Richard Wright’s work Black Boy. Althought the discussion was mostly pro crustean, I did learn something interesting: I think like an existentialist. My teacher was explaining what she considered the four basic tenants of existentialism to me, and it fit me to a tee. I find it fascinating that there is name for the way I see things. That was a major discovery for me.

On a more technical (or nerdy) note, I have decided to undertake a (possibly) mammoth task: I am goiing to convert Greymatter to ASP. I hate the available free CGI servers (this site is currently on Portland), and want to be able to use Brinkster or .net Playground (my favorite). So last night I printed the 124 pages of gm.cgi and the various amount of pages that makes up the other CGI files and am going to size up the project after I post this.