I refuse to be embarrassed…

…by what I post here. Sure I post some weird, personal shit here, but just because my URL has been passed around at work and I have talked about people here (namely, Cory; I don’t care about the other bitches) is no reason for me to be embarrassed. But I’ve quit, and I wanted to give a parting shot of sorts to the folks at Movies 10. I want some closure for myself.

I liked the job, I liked that it was simple and mind-numbing. I rack my brain six days a week and enjoy a little time off. I disliked the people. The visitors were jerks, and many of the people that I worked with could be stupid and annoying. But all in all, I could have fun with the guys. The girls just pissed me off. Especially Jennifer. Not that I’m going to name names…. *ahem*

The Chrises, Khaled, Cory, Talib, Elizabeth, Jesus, Nathan, Don, Esteban (hehehe), and the managers (even Stein-Stocks *grin*) are all cool as all.

Yes, I made the horrible mistake of getting a silly-ass crush on someone I worked with. It’s not like a certain twin-friend of mine can’t say he hasn’t done the same… *ahem*Micah*ahem*. But it was just a crush, and I’m over it, I realized tonight. Really.

All in all, it’s been a barrel of laughs, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. But I also wouldn’t take it back for the world, just like 9th grade. Bonsoir.