Who really believes in numerology?

Very few, except when it’s true, of course. MSN has a name numerology (a link I found from Prime Time) page. You put in your first and last name, and it spits out a report like this:

7 Your Heart Number is 7

Makes you a bit of a loner. You probably require a lot of time by yourself just to clear your head and recharge your batteries. You may be somewhat more concerned with the deeper issues of life.

7 Your Personality Number is 7

Can make you seem somewhat reserved or aloof at times, and you might not really have all that great a need for others. You’re probably quite a deep-thinker, and may be a bit of a loner.

5 Your Image Number is 5

And you may appear to be many things to many people. Restless and curious, you crave variety and are always on the move. You love adventure and are eager to explore everything you possibly can.

That’s not too far off the mark, in my opinion of myself. I’m not really much on the move, nor am I an adventurer or a deep-thinker. Do I put much stock in the complex formulas used to calculate my personality based on the number of letters in my names? Can’t say I do, although I would love to see the ASP script for the site.