I’m still working through the NegroPlease.com archives, and en passant, I took a philosophy quiz. While many of these names are recognizable to me, I don’t really know their philosophies at all… I think I may have found a new obsession interest…

1. Sartre (100%)2. Hume (91%)3. Nietzsche (88%)4. Aristotle (71%)5. Hobbes (68%)6. Aquinas (62%)7. Plato (60%)8. Mill (57%)9. Rand (57%)10. Spinoza (57%)11. Kant (55%)12. Stoics (54%)13. Cynics (43%)14. Epicureans (43%)15. Bentham (43%)16. Prescriptivism (40%)17. Augustine (37%)18. Ockham (36%)19. Noddings (29%)

The results page has a link to a page with descriptions of all the possible philosphers, with descriptions, book links to Amazon.com, and recommended websites for each philosopher. Interesting stuff.