An interesting, ecclectic mix

Dublab is an online streaming media source that plays… odd, yet interesting music. I hate to describe music in terms of general classifications, as they rarely ever indicate the reality of music (take Tool, for instance), but with Dublab, you get a little techno/dance type music, mixed with a short little country-sounding ditty, followed by that type of rock/alternative music that loves horns, followed by who knows what. I have yet to hear a group that is recognizable, either from pop music (of which I have heard none at all) or from the electronica/techno scene (and please, will someone explain the difference between electronica, techno, dance, and house music?!). There are very few commercials (thus far), and a constant stream of fascinating music (including a song in French I heard about 15 minutes ago). This one defintely stays on my list.