No Title (Because I Couldn’t Think of One)

Dear, dear, sweet Hannah. I would thank you for kicking me in the ass about my lack of posting, except that I still have very little to post.

Last Monday and Tuesday, I worked with Michael again, doing (alas!) more digging. Those times, however, my ever-giggly (and slightly disgusting, in a very guy way) buddy Chris was there. I must say, there are few things more exhausting than trying to stop laughing/giggling while two of your friends are egging each other on. And that’s not counting the ever-present digging. Utterly exhausting. So Tuesday, I brought my MP3 player full of Linkin Park’s Meteora, which helped somewhat, although they supposedly talked about me all day. Hmph.

I spent Wednesday recovering from that physical trauma, discovering a wealth of bruises (in particular, a very nasty bruise on my knee from a shovel handle that gave me something close to a panic attack when I discovered it–with the corner of my bed) and getting the kinks worked out of my back (thank you, heating pad!).

Thursday night (at least, I think it was Thursday, and not Wednesday; ye gods, I need to go to school!) a bunch of mes amis and I got together and ate at The Peaceful Dragon, a vegetarian restaurant of an Oriental slant. You gotta love any place that has “Thai ‘Chicken’ Curry” (with actual quotes around “chicken” on the menu). A lot of the food was actually pretty good, and some (including the “Thai ‘Chicken’ Curry”) was superb. The company, which again consisted of the giggly Chris and his tormenter Michael, among others, was superb. This wonderful dinner was followed by the Sexy Pirate movie for the low price of four dollars. I shall state for the record that sitting in the back of theaters sucks. So many nuances are missed when you can’t count the pores on Johnny Depp’s face. I mean, come on, guys! However, majority rules in group situations. The movie was punctuated with one of my friends’ imitation of Barbosa’s orgasmic facial expressions as he watched Miss Swan eat. Simply hilarious.

I finally got a reply from my new roommate via e-mail. I don’t have a nickname for her yet, so for now she’s simply The Roommate. She’s already at Rose-Hulman, taking a math course that will get her through a lot of Calculus before school even officially starts–lucky girl. Unfortunately, I didn’t have $2 000, or I would have been saying au revoir to my buddies a couple of weeks ago. Not that I want to say good-bye to them yet, but that’s a great Calculus thing R-H has going, and I could have been taking those ever-so-cool Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra courses freshman year instead of three terms of Calculus. Not that I even know what Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra is, but that doesn’t matter. The Roommate seems very, very cool, and, just based on her writing, kinda like a mix of a couple of friends I already have (in terms of attitude). She’s moderately/fairly nerdy and doesn’t seem at all… wild, so I’m quite sure we’ll get along swimmingly. And she has a sense of humor! I hope I get to laugh plenty, despite (and because of) all the stress I know shall be placed on me. One cannot ask for more than the occasional giggle, right?

[Listening to: Charles Webster – Ultra Chilled, Vol. 2 Disc 1 – Ready]