A Revised Conclusion

I change my mind about 50 minute classes. They’re quite fine, compared with being kicked out of Engineering Chemistry because the teacher is concerned about breaking the poor, poor, first-term freshmen by giving us (heaven fucking forbid!) a course with a lab (like I don’t already have one). So they set Calc I as a prerequisite, and I am out of a class. After hunting through all the humanities courses and other required courses that I can take this term, it looks like I’m taking an Electrical and Chemical Engineering course called Intro to Logic Design that’s a required course for Comp Sci folks. Now, if only I hadn’t missed that professor by a half-hour when trying to get my Drop/Add form signed…

Because I recall quite vividly my dislike of circuit-type work and the like from a class I took as a freshman in high school, I’m sure I’m going to be very grateful that my Logic Design course is only 50 minutes.