Everyone’s Got an Agenda

A couple of days ago, I was bum rushed (Hyphen? No hyphen? Augh! Too much Thorn time tonight!) by some folks. A snippet of conversation:

The Negroids, at the NSBE Fund Raiser: Hey, you’re on the newspaper? That’s cool, I might actually have to start reading it, since Little Lissa’s gonna be writing [They actually call me this].
Me: Uh, I’m not writing anything. I’m just editing. You know, spell check and fun with grammar and all that.
The Other One: Girl, you better keep on ’em. They some racists down there.
Me: Racists? How so?
The Other One [et al]: The past few years, some of them wrote some stuff that was all, like… You know. Culturally biased and all that.
Me: Well, we’ve got a new set of Editors-in-Chief now. I don’t think they were involved in all the stuff from last year. They seem pretty straight up. I’ll keep an eye out, though. I guess.
Them: Yeah, well, they wrote some racist shit in their little April Fool’s article the past few years. Keep on ’em.
Me: Um, I’ll do that.

So now I’m the Negroid representative on the Thorn Staff. Did I sign up for this position? Am I supposed to be keeping things on the level any more than I would normally? Is there anything to keep on the level, other than making sure Spontak (our Dr. Love) doesn’t say “fuck” in his funny, sexist articles? Should I hunt for what may not be there? Am I playing naive if I claim there’s probably nothing to find? Should I look for racist or racially bigoted conspiracies everywhere? Is the paranoia of The Negroids not paranoia? How did this become my mission?

I’ve got a draft for a post about the funniness (or lack of) of racist or racially bigoted jokes, inspired by old stuff from Aaron that may or may not actually make it out here. My plate currently spilleth over, and my brain doesn’t handle thinking about Dawkins, a new design for the Rose chapter of NSBE website, Logic Design, something real and interesting about racism that isn’t just semantics, and my four-year plan of study particularly well.

Oh, well. Back to copy editing.