Quel est le probleme?

I’m all over this this morning. Read and think. It’s good for you. I can honestly not think of an argument I have against what nOva says there. It is, in fact, quite similar to my own line of thinking on the issue of “Keeping It Real” (which anyone who doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter image of “black” has apparently failed to do).

Damn. The wheels are turning again. How can I be this sick and think about anything other than the shortest route to my comfy bed? Oh, well. I may try to play devil’s advocate on nOva’s article later. Or I may wait until all three are published.

(And don’t you just love that tagline at nOvaSlim.com? “You’ve been a bad boy. Go to my room.” Hee hee.)

[Listening to: Vanishing – A Perfect Circle – Thirteenth Step (04:51)]