"It’s in that place where I put that thing that time."

It crossed my mind briefly to write about my ridiculously fun evening last night with The Crazy CO Girls (and Guys), but then I realized that, out of context, it probably wouldn’t be funny. How can one portray the hilarity of random porn music outbursts during Interview with a Vampire (more appropriate in the book, given Rice’s writing style than in the toned-down movie), and the outbursts of “Armand is supposed to look like a little boy! Ahn-tonio doesn’t look like a little boy!” and “Shouldn’t that be some sort of ancient Italian accent instead of a Spanish one?” and “Anne Rice also writes S & M erotica.” … “Have you read them, Greg? How do you know it’s S & M?” Or the all-out bashing of Hackers, a movie that was so much cooler many years ago, but still holds a certain charm. (I just want to say, for the last time, that I hate Johnny Lee Miller’s voice!). When a bunch of Computer Science and Computer Engineering (CO) majors get together (for anything), I can only advise that the building be evacuated of all other inhabitants.

[Listening to “Communicate [Headquake Hazy Cloud Mix]” [Plastico / Hackers]