Unresolved – Maple 8 install

Attempting to install Maple 8 has left me frustrated beyond belief. The GUI installation proceeds smoothly, accepts the Rose-Hulman FLEXlm server, and says it completes successfully. However, there are no files place in the installation directory other than those in the “bin” directory (shell scripts that point to the actual binaries). No binaries are installed, however. The FLEMlm manager isn’t installed, either. None of the bin.IBM_INTEL_LINUX (?) or flexlm or jre directories are even created. So I have no working Maple.

Going through the installation manually has led me to believe that either the installer requires positive feedback from the FLEMlm server before compiles/creating the binaries, or the installer binaries (the .bin files in the InstallerData directory) have trouble with my Java installation. Unfortunately, I cannot get meaningful error messages, even with debugging turned on. The version of Maple 8 provided by my school does not include its own Java Virtual Machine, and I believe it may be choking on that. I may try to create the jre directory within the Maple 8 installation directory structure, to see if that helps.