Good things to know

  1. Apparently, radiator hoses decay from the inside out, and should be checked every couple of years.
  2. Twenty-one year old radiator hoses are bound to fail. Along with the old people never driving the car anywhere (a plus), they never had the damn thing serviced (a minus).
  3. Coolant stinks, and the odor lingers.
  4. Nikolai likes to be chauffeured, and his car (some old Volvo) is hella fun to drive. A car that easily goes above 80 miles an hour without getting all “floaty”? Hell, yes…
  5. A car left on the side of an interstate overnight will be muddy and have an “Abandoned Vehicle” sticker on it, left by the police. I ripped that shit off… Johnny was not abandoned. I just had to do a strategic withdrawal, that’s all.
  6. Worry less about someone hitting your car overnight, and more about conserving battery power–turn off the damn hazard lights before you hitch a ride. Why I am such an ass, I just don’t know.
  7. Even muddy, stinky, and messy on the inside, Johnny is sexy as hell. Mrowr.