Allergies to friends?

So today I wrote on Luke with a marker. Or attempted to.

This resulted in a scuffle in which I found myself being sat on and attacked with a dry-erase marker. I shoulda gone more deliberately for the back of his knees, since I lacked the advantage of weight…

At any rate, when I was able to come up for air, my right wrist was rather bruised, and I had marker on my face and arm. Shortly after, I noticed that both wrists and hands (where I’d been grabbed, not where I’d been written on) were itching furiously and turning red and swollen. I had to wash all the way up my wrist and arm to stop it.

More than the bruised wrist (ow, ow), the damn allergic reaction will stop me from directly attacking again. Who the hell is allergic to people?

(But I will get my revenge…)