Lacking power on the last day of classes–a fragmented account

It’s 00:50, and power on the Rose campus just came back on. For twelve hours, Rose has been on its knees, with no Internet, no lights, no air conditioning, and, in my residence hall, no plumbing.

I was getting ready to take my last Gender Issues exam when the power in the office started fluctuating and turning on and off both regularly and quickly. I ran around and quickly turned off all the computers and the printer, since the last thing I wanted was for Luke to have to spend any more of the Thorn’s money on equipment.

What was the common sentiment on campus as soon as the power went out? “Don’t let the beer get warm!” Drunk folk were out in more force than ever tonight, KY Jellying our door handles and stairwell rails, driving like maniacs without headlights on, putting cans of flammable shit in the bonfire that was built.

I had my last chemistry test this morning. It either went really well, or really, really badly. I was the second one to finish, and the guy that finished first seems to have grades as low as mine, because he looked scared as hell, too. My last Gender Issues exam was sort of cancelled because we couldn’t see to write the exam. We just held a class discussion and went over the questions. That was perfectly alright, given that I hadn’t really been able to prepare for it as well as I did for chemistry. Or as well as I think I did on the chemistry exam.

I slept through most of the afternoon in the Thorn office, then dismantled the deck and moved it out with the help of my future roomie and her SO. After taking care of that, I went back and tried to study chemistry in the Thorn office, to no avail. Candlelight isn’t really sufficient for studying, and I didn’t have any music.

So I snatched up Nikolai and his Kanye West CD, and we went outside to kill a laptop battery and enjoy the starlight and downtime. We watched the drunkards and their fire. We listened to Chaka Khan’s “Through the Wire” and Shai while avoiding the bugs. He tried to get me to dance, but I was too tired, and yet not the right kind of tired to relax inhibitions.

Next up is sleep, after I post a slew of pictures from the last night of Thorn production…