Mundane, but lovely, fun.

My poor parents: I’ve probably been in their apartment 12 hours since I’ve been in Charlotte, and I was sleeping 10 of those.

I’m currently in Chapel Hill in Michael’s dorm room, chilling while Michael learns some guitar from our buddy Nathan. We got here yesterday afternoon, toured (some of) the campus, ate some good deli-eqsue food, and played some sand volleyball.

Damn UNC is big compared to Rose. It’s ridiculous. We walked for a good mile or so, and didn’t even see the humanities buildings or all the residence halls. I can give a good tour of Rose (seeing labs, residence halls, gym, etc.) in a half hour, even if I run my mouth constantly. Whoo.

The sand volleyball was brutal. I fell once hard enough to bruise my ass, hurt some lower back muscles, and give myself a headache, and caught the ball once with my chin hard enough to send me checking for chipped teeth. I got sand everywhere, and was picking grains out of my mouth for the rest of the evening. The guys we played with were cool, though, and friendly even to me and Nathan, who couldn’t play for shit.

After the volleyball fiasco, we showered (individually, bien sûr) and, after piddling around with some video games, watched the first half of Bowling for Columbine before I crashed (we finished it when we woke up this afternoon). Very, very interesting movie. Moore is a manipulative guy, and it shows in the movie, but it’s a good watch nonetheless.

I’m having the time of my life, even though we aren’t doing anything extremely exciting and unusual.

Tonight I return to Charlotte, tomorrow I visit my old high school with Rackrent.