And so we begin…

I’m not sure where I want to go with this. I want to track my workouts in a journal-like form to allow me to better track progress, problems, and conditions.

I’m also not sure how regular I will be with this. The goal, of course, is to post after every workout, running or weights, to achieve the benefits of running this here blog. We’ll see.

Current workout schedule:

Monday thru Friday, 05:30: Run intervals for three to five miles on school track. Problems to track: splints, asthma/sinuses, upper-body posture problems.

Tuesday, Friday, 17:00: Weightlifting with upper-body focus. Bench/ground base jammer, lat pulldown, shoulder press, tricep pushdown. Follow by ten minutes on rowing machine.

Saturday or Sunday: Neighborhood run. I don’t track distance or pace. This is usually just a fast 30 minute run to break the monotony of my weekends.