T’ree-mile Tuesday

T’ree-mile Tuesday was hard.

It was completed (!!!), but slowly (12:48 pace) and with much [inexplicable] pain in my right shoulder.

I’m tempted to ask someone who actually knows something about running (like my x-country friend C.) for tips on arm-swing/upper-body posture.

But I did run three miles, although I didn’t have the reserves to move terribly fast at the end, and I was surely counting down my last four laps.

Note to self: drink more water when you sweat so much at night. Salt on one’s face after a run is never a good thing.

Update: Based on my level of fatigue today after the three-mile jaunt, I’m tempted to count this as a hard run. That way, I’ll go easy to recover on Wednesday, have another hard day on Thursday, and recover (maybe with a little fun speed work) on Friday.