10% increase… in time

The day after my triathaloning doctor preaches moderation in running (“You could safely cut back to about thirty minutes, three times a week and remain healthy and in shape…”), I increase my run time to 50 minutes. The trick to treadmill running without music? Television. I didn’t even really listen to it (I couldn’t hear it over the pounding of my feet), but it was something to look at other than my flabby legs in the facing mirror. I also set the treadmill’s display to show pace (12:15, on average) rather than time, so I couldn’t clock-watch, and that helped a ton.

The pain in my right shoulder didn’t flare up until about thirty-five minutes in, but damn if it didn’t stay for the remaining fifteen minutes. I’m still not sure what it is I’m doing to cause this. Do I slump after a while? Do I have an uneven arm swing because I’m used to carrying something? Could there be some weak muscle back there that just needs to strengthen (the pain is getting better about coming later and later in the run, after all)? Is there just something wrong with my right shoulder? Le sigh. I should have mentioned it to the doctor, but I’m not sure I can describe it well.

If it persists, I may try to get a referral to the sports doctors at Rose and get them to take a look-see.