Hobbling along

I think I actually learned what a “recovery run” is today.

I spent about 10 hours building my deck in my dorm room two days ago, and have been sore and increasingly immobile since. Particularly, my hamstrings are tighter than steel geetar strings, and I’m limping and hobbling/waddling just to walk around. I haven’t been able to move around enough to warm up sufficiently to stretch, so it’s just getting worse.

So this morning, after five days off from running, I did a nice, slow, easy thirty minute run. I didn’t push myself overly, I just wanted to move for a half-hour to work some of the kinks out.

The nice thing is, I only had a serious problem with not wanting to eat for the two days I was travelling to get to campus. I’m rather impressed that I got over the slump without doing myself any damage (and without “conceding” and going for a run), but I’m disappointed that it flared up in the first place. Something to watch for not only during the winter months, I suppose.