One of those odd days…

Reese’s cup #2, 15:30: Completion of the first draft of The Kernel, the monthly technology newsletter published by my third employer.

I must have looked like some kind of shit today, because after the Chemistry Safety Seminar, Dr. M said, “Let’s cancel the [weekly research] meeting tomorrow morning. You look tired; sleep in. I’ll see you Saturday morning anyway.”

So now I have a nice, large block of time in the morning to learn some discrete math.

Not five minutes later, I ran into the Cool CS Guy, who also remarked on my apparently evident fatigue. I mentioned I’d been struggling with homework, and he offered to hang with me on Saturday and help me learn some discrete math. Cuz I’m the chick that can’t count, given how many hours I spend on homework assignments rather than sleeping or running.

Two in one day. Damn.

Fast-forward through some Thorn-ness. My pages were finished around 22:00, so I went and got dinner at the on-campus Subway. A very cool fellow sat next to me and we entertained the room with banter, but as we were walking back to the Union, I realized that if I do nothing else this week and weekend, I Must. Stop. Laughing.

My laughter changed sometime this week (today? yesterday?) from my normal giggle to a scary, loud, forced, manic, barking laugh that I would swear is not coming from my body or mouth. Quite frankly, I was actually surprised when I realized how I sounded.

My former U.S. History teacher (who used to drive me home) told me I did this when I got all wigged out, but I didn’t believe her until now.

So no laughing until I kill this building panic and stabilize a bit.

Today wasn’t bad at all (my first day all week without at least 4 hours of lab), but I can’t wait to just decompress a little while I study this weekend.