A hiccup in progress.

I’m laying out the front page, and just realized that since my story fell through and I’m avoiding putting my name on the transcribed interview, all content was produced by the co-editors-in-chief. Well, I did the News Briefs.

There’s something wrong in the way I’m running my section when no one in my section is doing the work…

In other news, I got a big “hooray” at the idea of our school’s president paying attention to us (the newspaper) all because of the “wake-[the-fuck]-up” e-mail I sent him at the end of summer. Almost makes up for the fact that this issue of the paper has so little of my creative energies put into it (such as they are normally) that it feels like crap. Dr. McKnuckleberry is going to bitch at me either way this week–one, for running the ad for the www@10 conference next to a wire story about it, or for running a non-conference wire story and completely missing talking about the event before it occurs.

At this point, he’d have to be very direct and in my face for me to care, and then I’d probably just throw a chair across the room and walk out. The only problem would be that I might not come back. That would lighten my load…

A few minutes of conversation (okay, ranting) with Bob and Luke (I’d swear they orchestrate this), and I somewhat better. Some of my sleepiness (but not the fatigue, alas) went away, enabling me to work for just a few more hours…

The old facial tic I had in eigth grade has come back with a vengence with my fatigue. Annoying and embarrassing.

I’ve been in an odd mood lately that I can only describe as sense-hungry. I’m feeling, hearing, and tasting things very acutely right now, and the sheer quantity of time I spend with nearly numb hands and feet is irritating. I’m craving touch and warmth, and certain types of sound (whatever sounds can be found in the intersection of {Metallica} and {popular rap music}…), and the taste/texture of… I don’t know what it is, but it’s nothing I’ve been eating lately. I want to curl up somewhere warm and sleep and read and talk with a friend and eat warm, non-greasy food and have a cup of hot cocoa with marshmellows (even non-vegetarian).

Actually, I’ll just take the conversation and the hot chocolate. That would make my week, I think.

Back to work. I shall be in bed by 03:00, come hell or high water. (Or, more likely, come a space filling problem or a lack of understanding of computer architecture.)