Wake the fuck up. This is not high school.

Now, I’m hardly one to play mommy and impose ethics on a situation, but since this blog seems to have become a hotbed for the Roommate Situation, I’ll spew my vitriol here.

What’s happening here, in the comments, is Not Good.

There are better ways to handle this. Mae and I are awaiting comments/action from the administration. We are avoiding the people we know are involved as much as possible. We are locking our doors at night and keeping both eyes open.

Posting hateful messages (yes, Bob, even yours) does nothing but fuel the fire. You are stooping to their level, engaging them in sophomoric games that will only burn everyone involved. Trust me on this.

There are few things more violating than stepping into someone’s personal space and usurping it for spewing hate at them. I’ve been on the receiving end of a torrent of comments pushing hate and impersonating friends and making my life a living hell. I will not be affiliated with such actions done to someone else.

Yes, this is exactly what happened to Mae. But tit for tat is unsophisticated, and in this case, damned childish. I won’t condone that shit, and in the midst of this crisis, Mae does not need to be associated with anyone that could hurt her case by such a lack of restraint.

If it wasn’t clear before, blogs and comments on them are public domain and are being used offline where applicable in this case to bring about the changes that need to be brought about for Mae to feel safe on campus again.

Don’t think that you can’t be identified when you post a comment just because it’s listed as “anonymous”. Should the people involved have IP logging turned on, they’ll see that 137.112.171.*** left a comment, and can resolve this to ****rj.student.rose-hulman.edu. I just did it in 10 seconds. They can do it in 30, max.

A couple of those, and they have a list of names and a feeling of being threatened that will deadlock this situation hideously.

Listen to my suggestions if you want, continue having fun with this if you want, but think about the impact these comments will have on the person you’re trying to help.