This update is brought to you by the letters T, M, and I.

I missed the bulletin on the problems with hour-long runs when one is suffering from a bloody case of gastroenteritis, or damage from aspirin overuse, or whatever the fuck I’ve been going through for the past few days.

And I do mean bloody. *shudder*

I did, however, complete a five mile run today and on Tuesday. Tuesday marked the beginning of my illness.

I thought I was over it by now. Today’s run and the aftermath proved I am not.

So, after I finish this sub sandwich, I’m back on a restricted, no dairy, no spicy, no meat, no sugar, no extremely acidic/basic foods diet until things heal up.

I may even make a second doctor’s visit next week for icky tests, because I have no idea how long it takes for these things to heal over and the few days it’s been is starting to worry me.

As though, you know, the blood [!?!?!] wasn’t worrying me in the first place.

No more runs until further notice…