Dancin’ like nobody’s watching.

NaNoWriMo starts in less than five minutes. I signed up this morning. Will I make time or have inspiration to write? I don’t know.

But I do know that only once have I tried creative writing, and I enjoyed the little I did before the project got squashed. I still have that damn novel outline. (Is it cheating to write a character much like yourself? Methinks so.) Of course, that was over four years ago, with Eddie. Much fun.

But I’mma write like nobody’s watching. No plans to publish, no plans to allow peeking, just me, my music, and my crazy-ass thoughts and imagination, at least somewhat freed from the judgement and censure I put them through day to day.

Now I just need to make a small chunk of time everyday to at least think about the novel. I should technically average about 1700 words a day, but that mos def won’t be happening, so it’ll be much thought and large bursts of writing. I could do 12 500 every weekend… (Yeah, and fail all my damn classes.)

Ha. I’m excited to get started.