Still alive.

I’m on a public computer in a library (where I still can’t check my damn grades because of the security!), but I am alive, and I am keeping a running blog entry of sorts describing the, ah, vacation.

*Sigh*. It’s family, and I love a bunch of them to death, but damn if they aren’t trying my patience. These folks are just as secretive, tenacious, and hard-headed as I am… and there are lots of ’em. Holy hell if my aunt doesn’t steamroll me like no other…

More when I can get an Internet connection to my own laptop (my grades, I want my grades!). The parents are due in tomorrow instead of Thursday.

And with regards to the corn kernel: two royal fuckups are to be systematically tortured (and not necessarily in a fun way) upon my return, since I’m no longer sure who did what.