Shorter run.

My run today was only 4.6 km (I was aiming for 5 km) because WO finished his routine about six laps before I would have finished mine, and I felt bad for leaving him there waiting.

But I pushed upward and onward today, doing 600 m runs with 200 m recoveries. I don’t need the full 200 m to recover, but it keeps the numbers of laps nice and round.

Speaking of the number of laps, running on the 200 m track is definitely not good for my knees. I have never had knee trouble from running, and I’d sure as hell like to not start that now, but it’s the only indoor alternative to running on the treadmills, which are even worse. Plus, the only way WO and I are going to be able to run together is if we run indoors and after work.

So I shall keep switching directions on the track frequently and do my weekend runs on the 400 m track or on the bike path.