Counting to four…

Weightlifting Thursday didn’t go particularly well. It may have been too soon after the heavy lifting of Tuesday, but I had all sorts of trouble throwing the weights around.

  • Leg press: 13/9 @ 55 lb
  • Bench press: 15/9 @15 lb
  • Lat pulldown: 15/12 @ 144 lb
  • Shoulder press: 15/11 @ 5 lb
  • Anterior tibialis: left: 9/6, right: 14/8 @ 10 lb

There’s obviously stagnation there, and maybe even a step back. I may be pushing too hard (too close to failure on the sets), and I’m definitely sure I’m not eating right. Some of the eating is stress, but all of it is ultimately me not exerting some willpower over my body’s “want to eat” signals even when not hungry.

The run on Friday was hard also, and due to an appointment with a professor, I only ran 4 km. Unfortunately, my horrid eating this weekend will only make Monday’s run even harder. I am watching me do this to myself (eat badly), but I’m not doing anything about it to fix it. I am annoyed at my own weak will.

Tomorrow is another day, though. Get up and dust your knees off, right?