Yesterday’s run went amazingly well, although my legs are tightening up again. I need to take breaks from work every couple of hours and stretch my calves.

I wrapped up my 5 km just as WO was finishing his stint (I ran with him while he was there), at around 47 minutes. We were talking and chatting so much that I couldn’t believe I was actually done with my 25 laps when he finished.

Today’s weight-lifting went really well also. I did weightless sumo squats in my office before heading down to the SRC. Those are going to be killer once I get some weight on them–I felt it all in my inner thighs (from holding my knees out), quads, and hips, which is exactly what I want targeted, as those feel like my weak points.

  • Sumo squats: 18 @ 0 lb (no bar)
  • Bench press: 9 @ 30 lb
  • Chest dips: 8 @ 110 lb
  • Tricep dips: 20+ @ 140 lb (definitely underestimated my strength there)
  • Lat pulldown: 14 @ 168 lb (+ one notch)
  • Shoulder press: 11 @ 15 lb
  • Anterior tibialis: 10 lb (didn’t count reps, but they were higher than 12)

I think that once I max out on the lat pulldown machine (which is only a couple more 12 lb increases), I’ll move to assisted pullups. Those happen to be on the same machine as the dips, which makes those three exercises well-ordered.