Cho knows how to do it

Because I don’t care about food, it is there when I want it, I don’t crave it and want it and think about it. Since I can have everything, nothing is that important. I don’t need to eat a whole cake because I can eat a whole cake every day every meal if I want and I don’t care. I don’t prepare to eat because I might be hungry later and ‘they’ won’t have what I have to eat. When I am hungry, I eat. You know, that is what the weird diet is. Margaret Cho’s “Fuck It Diet

I’d read this before, and liked it. Cho seems to have balls in general, although I’m not very familiar with her work. I read it now and admire it. I don’t have the werewithal to be quite as wasteful as she suggests she is, but yes, the impetus is there to always finish the plate and not be wasteful of food. That’s my hard-earned and fairly rare money, right there on the plate. Even worse is the push to hurry up and get food before someone else does (at newspaper gatherings, for instance).

I don’t know if Cho’s mindset has worked for her in the long run, but the mindset is one I strive to have. Especially to not be so afraid (if that’s the emotion; I’m not sure) of being hungry and uncomfortable.

That’s the goal. Now what’s the process?