Matthew Wayne Selznick’s Brave Men Run

[tag]Brave Men Run[/tag] is a free audiobook that I listened to this summer while working.

It’s the tale of Nate Charters, a high schooler with a few extra abilities, like heightened senses. After years of hiding his abilities, it turns out he’s not alone, and the Sovereigns (other specially-powered folks) are a political force to be reckoned with. Charters, though, is rather more concerned with the strange homeless man that’s following him around, school bullies, and a pretty lady that thinks he has nice eyes.

WO pushed this story at me because of my interest in the X-Men, and I’m appreciative. [tag]Matthew Wayne Selznick[/tag] has created a fun ‘verse here, and there’s some potential for future books to be rather fun and nicely focused on politics, if Selznick can and will go there.

Then again, maybe mutant political issues are clich├ęd.

Selznick does a pretty good job of creating sympathetic characters, although less so in Nate’s two male friends. This is honestly rather fine, since the story focuses more on just about everyone else.

The story takes place in the 80’s, and it felt like Selznick spent the first segment of the story pounding it into our heads a bit: 80’s music in the background, character’s constantly referencing recent movies and songs, etc. It was a little much, but I liked it. I’m a fan of 80’s music, and I’ve seen The Breakfast Club, so I was set for the story.

Brave Men Run has all the elements of a good narrative: good pacing, suspense, and loveable characters. If this is a first novel, it’s rather amazing.