Shameless plug: MS Walk

March 29, 2008. 07:30. Symphony Park. Charlotte, NC.

I’ll be walking in the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Walk with Dulin, Shelly, and several others. The walk is either a 2.5 mile or 5 mile walk, depending on how I feel that morning (and, likely, what others are doing).

I’m crazy excited. It’s not a race, but I consider it a first step in my goal to engage in races in the near future. Plus, it’s the first fund-raising walk I’ve done since freshman year of college.

To make the walk worthwhile as a fund raiser for MS, however, I need to, well, raise money. If you’re in Charlotte, you could also join Team Chipmunkabun (don’t ask… I didn’t name it) through the same page.

Multiple sclerosis is unpleasant stuff. I’ve known two people diagnosed with it, one of which will be walking with me that Saturday. Another was a young girl, just 3 years old, who often couldn’t get out of bed. I was young then myself and didn’t really understand her affliction beyond that it was “MS” and what her symptoms were. I was in her proximity for about 5 years, and she always struggled, every day. There didn’t seem to be much hope of relief for her.

The proceeds from the Walk will be used by the National MS Society to fund research for a cure and help maintain and instantiate programs to help support those diagnosed with MS.

So. If you can or are willing to spare a few dollars, I’d very much appreciate your support. I plan to have a fully-charged digital camera there with me to get pictures of the turnout.