Hot and Heavy

The gate was closed, the cart waiting just beyond. One minute until he could push.

The Medic stood next to him, 10% of the way to an ÜberCharge.

“We make good team, yes?” the Heavy said quietly to him.

“Ve do,” the doctor said distractedly. He swung his medigun experimentally, trying to hurry the ÜberCharge.

“Doctor… it is almost time…” the Heavy said insistently. He looked around, but as usual, no one paid them any mind. He and the doctor were always together.

The doctor looked up at him in surprise. “Ve only have 50 seconds,” he said, also glancing around.

“Get behind me, doctor,” the Heavy urged.

Medigun still active, the doctor shifted to stand behind the Heavy, his belt brushing the Heavy’s back. The Heavy’s eyes slipped shut and he sighed as the doctor inched closer, pressing from chest to hips against him.

The heavy murmured, “Is team time, doctor.”

Letting his lab coat shield his motions from the others waiting impatiently in the room, the doctor began moving.

The ÜberCharge built to 40%, then 60%, then 95%…

“Whooo! That’s what I’m talking about!”

The Heavy and the doctor jumped apart guiltily as the scout bounced around them, bat swinging.

“We pushin’ dis thing or what?” the scout shouted as he raced past them.

The gates were open. ÜberCharge at 100%. They’d completely missed the siren.

With a grin, the Heavy brought his mini-gun down and started moving towards the cart.

“I love this doctor!”