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Drupal Theming: Setup a Local Version!

Drupal IconI’m a firm believer in the idea that a code recompile and quick test (whether that be through automated unit testing, a page refresh, whatever) shouldn’t take more than about 5-10 seconds, or your workflow is going to be lousy with distractions.

I’m working on theming a Drupal site for a non-profit, and I’m struggling to find a way to optimize my theming experience for the final couple of hours of work I’ll probably need to put in. I don’t have a local copy of the database, so I’m working remotely, and like any good developer, I’m in source control–in this case, SVN (bleh). I’ve written about my SVN troubles before, and although they’re fixed now, I still have to commit and purge Drupal’s cache before I can see any changes I make. That’s a 30-60 second lag time right there, for every committable change.

What am I doing in those 30-60 seconds?

Working on my other volunteer sites. Writing a blag post. Writing a story. Writing my novel. Reading blogs. Crocheting. Coding on something super-secret.

Not problem-solving, and not making progress in other areas of this project.

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