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Last PT Session… For Now

So I got an MRI last Friday, and set up an appointment for next Monday (the 22nd) for the sports doc to review it.

But the PTs have access to my electronic charts, so they thought they could review it for me on Tuesday. They forgot, so they said they’d take a look at it by this morning. The boss PT (who is the one with access) ultimately decided that it’d be better if the sports doc did the analysis.

…How worrying is that? I’m pretty sure she peeked.

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Too Many Shoulder Muscles!

Iiiit’s Exercise Time!

I’ve had three working physical therapy sessions at this point, and my exercises have evolved a bit from the original posture-related set. We’re aiming for endurance and some strength improvements in the muscles surrounding the shoulder, so I’m doing what is (to me) a mind-numbing number of reps: one set of 20 (last week) or three sets of 10 (this week).

I’m accustomed to using heavy enough weights that I do, like, 10. One set.

Look at all these shoulder motions (“articulations”) and muscles. I’m not using all of the motions in my work yet–adduction work is still out, as are transverse flexion, abduction, and adduction–but I’m hitting a whole lot.

Anyway, here are the plethora of fiddly shoulder exercises, as well as some general opinions on each. All but the lying shoulder external rotation and the raises are done with bands. Those three use 2-3 lb weights.
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