taking joy in human unreason

Holy hell if this shit isn’t done.

C-Biscuits: Outputting it in style.

  • lol!

    Was it the “outputting” joke, or the contents of the document?

  • Oh, and…

    Thank you for my giggle of the day. Decapitation via computer architecture…

    Which you should have to take at some point, right, Mr. Rocket Scientist?

  • Well…

    I don’t know much [at all] about Rocket Science, so I don’t know if you’d need the course. I wouldn’t have thought a programmer would have needed a detailed intro course in the design of a microprocessor but apparently I do. [:)]

    It’s not so bad. Another (actually eViL, even by my standards) programming language, some Xilinx usage…

    Do you have to take a logic design course? Or and And gates and Multiplexers?

  • Yeah, that went so over my head, it decapitated the guy in the B room on the 12th floor… [:)]

  • I should…? Maybe I should switch to communications while my college career is still young….[|)]