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Shorn grass and blueberry beer

…I may have killed the grass when I cut it. It was only after the cutting that we read that the grass shouldn’t be cut on the mower’s lowest setting.

…Now my grass is dying. o_o Maybe it’s just the weeds that are turning all yellow.

Luckily, I picked up some bermuda seed at the store yesterday to fill in some bare patches — I can just do the whole yard if it all dies.

I also tried the Sea Dog Blueberry beer last night with our grilled teriyaki chicken and veggies. Took me a minute to warm up to it, but I liked it alright. Not as initially bitter as the Pyramid apricot, but still not as good as the Wailua. I’d buy it again, though.

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Pyramid Apricot beer

Very bitter. Like, shudder-when-you-drink-it bitter.

Greg and I took it on a picnic with us — cheeseburgers, fries, cookies, water, and apricot beer. (We found out later that no alcoholic beverages are allowed at parks in Charlotte. Oops.) So we’re sipping on it, cringing, not liking it very much…

…Until we start eating the cookies.

I evidently don’t understand taste chemistry as well as I thought I did, because I was expecting a donuts-and-OJ effect: more bitterness. But the cookies actually smoothed away almost all the bitterness into something much more palatable.

Greg was much more a fan than I was, but I would definitely try it again if I planned it with a sweet meal.

Tasty beer!

At game last night I actually had a beer I’d seek out again (courtesy of Steve): Wailua. It was still bitter, but — if this makes any sense — the bitterness actually had taste.

I hadn’t completely closed the door on beer, but my expectations were pretty low after few types I’d tried.

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Ossuary Now on Steam Greenlight; Plus Some Feels

Ossuary, that game we released back in November, is now on Steam Greenlight.

Greenlight is a weird phenomenon, and I’m aware that there are folks who read this who might not know how it works.

Which is okay, because even the rest of us kinda don’t.

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This Lens, That Cat

A picture of Greg-the-cat.

I love my prime lens.

Buying Russian Train Tickets: A Tale of Language and Gaming


Get from Moscow to Saint Petersburg on a particular day, starting at a particular time, and on a particular train.


I don’t read Russian! Nor do I have a grasp on the phonetics of the alphabet, although I can now successfully remember/guess the sounds of some letters and thus near-cognates (e.g., “ДOKУMEHTA” is probably something about a document, although Google Translate throws up its hands).

Things in My Favor

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All-Call: Granny Squares Translators

I have a lot of French-, Hungarian-, and Italian-speaking visitors to Granny Squares, and a common complaint by visitors is that it’s only in English.

I would love to have help translating into different languages. I’m going to take a first-pass with Google Translate to implement the above three languages, but here’s my all-call:

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January 31st 2014
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Visiting Russia: the Unfriendly Reactions

The trip to Russia is in planning–our traveling companion is researching hotels (so we can get visas!) and sight-seeing destinations in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

An aerial shot of Norilsk, Russia.

An aerial shot of Norilsk, Russia.

What’s been surprising me is how much negativity I get when I tell people I’m planning a visit to Russia. “It’s depressing!” (with pictures like the one to the right) “Don’t go to XYZ!” “It’s super-dangerous!” “The USSR?!”

It’s disappointing that my friends and colleagues have little other than (relatively uninformed, I think) skepticism and dire warnings. I find wonder in so many things; a few pictures from the internet don’t suffice to satisfy or discourage that. I might choose not to visit an active damn war zone. I might choose not to flirt with women or gender-bend in a homophobic country. I might also choose not to travel alone.

But as someone who still marvels at standing at the edge of a country or continent in their own damn state, how can I pass up an opportunity for this kind of experience?

Future Proof Has a Blog!

Go read it and subscribe! We’re just getting warmed up, but there’s an announcement there that will be of some interest to folks who might be asking, “Whatcha working on now that Ossuary is released?”

I’ve got a couple of posts lined that will likely end up there–I’ve been playing in the world of free-to-play (mobile) games on my shiny and fast new phone, and the ethics of the set are… fascinating.

January 4th 2014
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Of Course: 2014 Travel Is Still Undecided

So last year was Iceland. That was pretty spur-of-the-moment. We decided in May and went in August. Done. I would love to go back, particularly to see northern and eastern Iceland.

This year is up in the air, though. St. Petersburg, Russia is maybe an option, but talks stalled a bit over the break, and I’m a little undecided on traveling with children. Greece or Germany are still appealing.

I’d toyed with going on an adventure cruise with Explor Cruises to the Amazon last year, but the prices were nauseating (see the “Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon”) and I didn’t get a great feeling when I spoke with the agent at Explor Cruises.

That exact same cruise is offered through a few other agencies, including REI, which at least gives proper credit to the actual company running the cruise, Amazon Nature Tours. It’s also cheaper through other agencies.

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