Yet Another Dilemma….

*Sigh*. I want to use the latest CommentWorks, which would e-mail me every time a new comment was posted, so I don’t have to visit my own site to find the comments left by people and thus screw up my site stats. However .net playground (my wonderfully free web host) doesn’t support JMail, the component used by Adrian Frost to make the MailBack feature. So I am attempting to use CDOSYS (and save my files as .aspx) as suggested by .net playground. I have never had any luck with this crap, and doubt I will start to now. But I shall continue to experiment….


The above describes my opinion of the last several hours of trying to make w.Bloggar work with BlogWorks XML. I just keep having to take deep breaths and telling myself that Max (my laptop) won’t work for me anymore if I beat the living crap out of him. Besides, it’s not his fault. I don’t know whose fault it is. I can access the listen.asp file from my browser, and the XML’s string element says “error parsing the xml passed to the server : rpcserver(1)”. Maybe that’s okay, given that I’m not using the app I’m supposed to to access it, just IE. But when I attempt to connect with w.Bloggar, I get an HTTP Post error. Every time. I don’t even think this thing is connecting to the Internet before it throws this error at me, because it does it if I attempt to test with my ancient unused Blogger account or if I setup a “Custom” account to connect to my BlogWorks site. Or it may be connecting to the Internet and it’s my server (.net playground) that is having an issue. Did you know that if you search for BlogWorks on Google Groups you get no hits? Maybe I should fire up XNews and make a post in a relevant newsgroup just to have my post as the only one in the entirety of USENET with BlogWorks in the subject or body.

I feel so special…

That dude that writes the BlogWorks XML app (used on this page) noticed this site (a link to his page in in my about box on the right). Wow. I feel so special. It’s one thing to hear compliments and criticisms about your sites from your buddies, because… well, because they’re your buddies, but to get a compliment on content and design from a stranger who knows ASP (better than I do) and web design techniques and stuff… and stuff… I feel so special. I am reduced to giddy giggles. *Big, cheesy smile* As you can tell, I don’t get compliments from complete strangers often. The guy from said he liked my design too, but I don’t know if that was just my site (which can now be found by google; it took ’em long enough!), my site, or this one. Even so, that’s a major compliment as well, because I drool over the design of everytime I visit.

I’m starting to notice a pattern with this site already. Given a long weekend, I will post 2-5 crappy little posts and one or two “important” or significant posts. If I am worked to death during the week, I will post one or two “catharsis” posts on the weekend. I have a post on rap music that is lurking in a text file somewhere…. I want to find it and post it within the week…