Somebody Shoot Me Now….

I was kidding. Really. Sit back down.

I talked to my mother today (who is still out of town). Not only has her cell phone mysteriously developed a case of leaking battery acid, but she doesn’t quite know when she’s coming back. Uh, hey? Not to be totally selfish and deny my mother-deary the (dubious) pleasure of her family’s company, but… she has no idea when she’s coming back. Dad and I are going to run out of food soon (him way before me, because he’s a lazy bum that won’t cook) and Dad can’t do his own laundry either. But the fact that she doesn’t know when she’s getting back….

So I am stuck with just my father indefinitely (we hardly see each other anyway)… What if she doesn’t come back? And that is slightly less than half a joke. Dear Gawd, somebody put me out of my misery…