HTML Essentials

I taught a class of teachers today. It was a two-hour course for these technology renewal credits that everyone seems to need. The first course, a tester course, was basic HTML. I went through what a tag is, how they come in pairs, all the way through font sizing, picture inserting, listing, etc.

It was an interesting experience. I have about four more courses to teach (each with different topics), and I will probably be nervous before every one of them, but it wasn’t a bad experience at all. There were some talkers, namely a certain freshman ELP and AP U.S. Gov’t teacher, another ELP teacher that gets stuck with the dregs of Harding’s freshmen, and the photography instructor. I won’t name names.

I dislike public speaking in any situation, as I go hoarse rapidly and lose my train of thought easily, but I’m hoping this (and the next) course will prepare me for my IB English Oral Commentary in about 2 weeks, and my IB French Oral. But at least I knew of what I spake. (I like that word, “spake”.)

Next course: February 4, Web Design 2 (tables, forms, and some CSS), taught with by buddy Michael.