I like memes, too

This is supposed to be one of those things to help folks that don’t know me learn a little about me, as though my About page weren’t helpful enough, but this site is all about me, me, me anyway, so there’s probably nothing new here. But I’ll jump on the meme bandwagon. This one, anyway.

Name = Melissa. I doubt very much my parents actually cared that the meaning of my name is “Honey Bee” (among other things). I think they just randomly picked it from a book. That’s okay, though. They did, however, stick me with two middle names. Now, when’s the last time you saw a form accomodating two middle initials?

Birthday = October 23, 1984. I’m afraid I don’t keep up with whether it was the year of the Kangaroo, the Zebra, or the Horseshit–I mean Horseshoe. I leave that to others more interested in that sort of thing.

Piercings = Once in each ear

Tattoos = Ink? Under my skin? No, thank you.

Height = Guestimation? About 5’6″, 5’7″.

Shoe size = Well, given that I wear almost exclusively men’s shoes I’ll give that size: about an 8.

Hair color = Brown, and at times kinda reddish.

Eye color = Dark brown

Length = Just past shoulder length although I always wear it up.


… movie you rented = Hmm… renting would require money, right? I would have to say maybe 12 Angry Men (the old one with the Fonda guy).

… song you listened to = Under My Umbrella by Incubus

… song that was stuck in your head = All That Jazz from the Chicago Soundtrack. Don’t I suck?

… song you downloaded = Jeez. Some random song by Ani DiFranco in an attempt to hear some of her music.

… CD you bought = Again, this would require money… but I think it was Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits Volume 1. Don’t knock it. He was good in the old days.

… CD you listened to = A CD of Syrian pop music.

… person you’ve called = Right. Telephones are EVIL. Um… um… my mother, methinks?

… person who’s called you = Michael called just a few minutes ago. How convenient.

Do …

… you have a bf or gf = No.

… you wish you could live somewhere else = Yes, living with my parents is starting (ha!) to take its toll; living in Charlotte isn’t zesty either.

… you think about suicide = No.

… others find you attractive = No. Between the looks and the attitude, I’m set for a non-pious life in a nunnery, baby.

… you want more piercings = No, that’s quite all right.

… you want more (any) tattoos = Doubtful.

… you drink = Bleh. I just had a conversation with M.K. about his potential alcoholism this morning, as a matter of fact.

… you do drugs = Does Aleve count? Otherwise, no.

… you like cleaning = Ha ha. Again, right. My room looks like the U.S. Marines and the Iraqi Republican Guard have been through here.

… you like roller coasters = Moderately. I don’t enjoy amusement parks much at all anymore, though.

… you write in cursive or print = If I want to write faster, and screw the penmanship, cursive it is. Otherwise, print is cool. And so what if I have girly handwriting? It doesn’t make me a wuss.

For or against…

… long distance relationships = I don’t know of one that has worked out particularly well, but I’ll reserve judgement.

… using someone = I suppose it’s a bad thing to do, although I probably do it.

… suicide = If I’m currently “for” my own suicide, why the hell am I still here? I guess I reserve the right to take my own life, but am I currently for it? Naw.

… killing people = These are some hellacious questions. Damn. There are so many qualifications on this answer that I’m going to sum it up by saying only this: no, I would not go out and kill someone under most circumstances that I can currently contemplate.

… teenage smoking = I don’t give a damn. Just take it elsewhere. Don’t kill me with your funky-ass habits.

… doing drugs = I wouldn’t do them. Don’t hold yourself to my standards, though.

… premarital sex = Given protection, and tests, and all that jazz, sure. Put a little “oomph” in your life.

… driving drunk = Again, I wouldn’t do it, but then again, I don’t drink anyway, so… If you’re going to drive drunk, do it on private roads where you can only kill or maim yourself.

… gay/lesbian relationships = Why does it matter if I’m “for” or “against” this? I’m not joining in. Essentially, it should be cool to do whatever gets your gander.

… soap operas = I used to watch a few, but since all of television (with the exception of the Sci Fi channel) has degenerated to the level of the worst of the late 80s soap operas, I don’t watch much television at all anymore.


… food = Mexican, I suppose.

… song = Wow. It’s a tie between Pushit and Reflection by Tool.

… thing to do = Read, whether it’s a book, a website, whatever.

… thing to talk about = Religion, philosophy (but not anything formal–I’m not that well-read), books, music, more books.

… sports = To watch? Tennis and the “eXtreme” sports types of things. To play? Racquetball.

… drinks = Good clean water, which I should note has to be store bought in Charlotte and the very rural areas of Texas…

… clothes = jeans, tee-shirts, sweaters.

… movies = What Dreams May Come, Dune, Children of Dune (despite that freaky incestuous relationship…).

… band[s] = Tool. Incubus. Sade. Peter White. Almost in that order.

… holiday = “Spring Break” isn’t really a holiday… per se… So I must choose “Summer” (it’s a longer break anyway)! I kid. I don’t really care for holidays much, unless it’s my friends’ birthdays.

… people = Ugh. People? Yeah, right. I kid again. I’ve got my five.

Have you…

… ever cried over a girl or guy = Yeah. Bleh.

… ever lied to someone = Who, me? Never.

… ever been in a fist fight = Sure. This was in my pre-glasses days, though. I have to be careful of that sort of thing now.

… ever been arrested = No. For what? Attempting to sneak out of CompUSA with the latest gadget in my pocket?


… shampoo do you use = Some Paul Mitchell stuff.

… perfume do you use = Yucko.

… shoes do you wear = New Balance.

… are you scared of = Any type of “bug” (no matter how many legs, 4, 6, 8, or 100), being incapable of living with another adult in college, being broke my entire friggin’ life.

… is your boss like = See, now, if I had a job, I’d have money, now wouldn’t I? Wouldn’t I?


… of times I have been in love = It’s either one or two, so I shall average and get one and a half.

… of guys I have kissed = Just one.

… of girls I have kissed = None.

… of continents I have lived in = One.

I got this from Jason (NP), by the way.